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Soulard Market Plaza

Soulard Market is located in a “Grand Hall” built in the Italian Renaissance “H” style with a central section for shops and four outer wings for vendor stalls. 147 stalls attract the biggest crowds on Friday and Saturday, but the market is open Wednesday – Saturday year round. Vendors fill the open-air market weekly with fresh produce, meat, seafood, cheese, snacks, baked goods, spices, flowers, pets,and other merchandise. The market has both free and metered parking plus a playground, park, and plaza.

Come early to get the freshest produce and the best deals. Bring your own shopping bags or purchase a reusable one at the market for only $3.00. An ATM is available on site, however it’s best to bring low denomination bills or change if possible. You may find yourself buying a few pounds of fruit from one vendor for a couple of dollars or a single choice onion from another vendor for a some change. Only a few vendors are set up to take credit and debit, however many accept “SNAP” Food Stamp benefits. 

Many vendors at Soulard Market are area farmers who load their trucks with field fresh produce seasonally. Other vendors resell locally grown farm fresh produce when available as well as produce shipped from around the world.

A little history: Soulard Market is located in the Soulard neighborhood, which gets its name from Antoine Soulard, a French surveyor for the Spanish back in colonial days. After he died, his widow Julia gave the city two blocks of land to be used as a permanent market.

The market is one of the oldest farmers market in the United States that traces back to an open air farmer’s market in the area that began in 1779. Soulard Market moved to its present location at 730 Carrol Street in 1838 thanks to Julia Soulard where the current Grand Hall was built in 1929.

Soulard Market back in the day

A reviewer on Yelp says, “This is a great way to help save money and also contribute to local growers. The quality has always been good and the produce is fresh.”

Trip Advisor names Soulard Market a top shopping destination in St. Louis.

VegKitchen reviewed Soulard and declared the reminiscent of European markets with prices below grocery store levels and locally sourced food. “Unlike in New York or San Francisco, where “local” foods may come from hundreds of miles away, most booths at Soulard Market are operated by farmers that made the short drive over the Mississippi River that morning.”

The Riverfront Times called Soulard Market the “city’s most iconic” market. “Here you will find produce both local and not, meats that you love and meat that you’ve never had before, freshly fried pork rinds and doughnuts, pets, flowers and more.”

Soulard Market is open year round from Wednesday to Saturday. Hours are 8am to 5pm Wednesday to Friday, and 6am to 5:00pm on Saturday.

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