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This sweet and spicy pepper relish spread has been 10 years in the making. Describing this tasty treat has never been the easiest task.

A variety of flavors encompass the entire tasting journey… from sweet to a slow ride on the pepper side, Goose Poop is a roller coaster of flavor!

One of our flocks favorite aspects to the product is finding new ways to use it. Even after 10 years, we are always surprised at the extra flavor it contributes to most anything!

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Goose Poop mixed with Velveeta Rotini & Cheese… pretty darn good! Might work with any mac ‘n cheese too, but that’s the one I can vouch for! John Jones

This is the best Pepper Relish I have ever tasted. I buy it in multiples because 1 jar won’t last me too long. It’s just so good I can’t resist it. Thanks for making this. Dan

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