Soulard Spice Shop

The History of Soulard Spice Shop: Soulard Spice Shop Soulard Market

The Spice Shop has been a permanent fixture within the Soulard neighborhood, with the business opening in 1914.

My grandfather came to this country in 1904, and began selling spices, roasting coffee and making sausage from his old world recipe. This store was located a half a block from Soulard Market.

My father, Mike Schmitz, who was born above this first location, took over this shop at the age of 13 so the business could be expanded.

In 1929, when the Grand Hall for Soulard Farmers Market was built, my grandfather was the first lessee.

Soulard Spice Shop Soulard Market

Our Specialties:

  • Spices
  • Coffees
  • Teas
  • Soups

We offer the best prices, highest quality with an outstanding reputation, as well as spices, coffee and tea at the peak of their freshness.

Although our retail shop is only open Wednesday through Saturday the average we sell is between 600-800 pounds of spices weekly!

Soulard Spice Shop Soulard MarketIf you are visiting in St. Louis . . .

Please come visit us at the Historical Soulard Farmer’s Market, located one mile south of downtown St. Louis, Missouri!

The aroma is amazing!

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